Mechanical seal parts, Bearings, Bushings, Precision Nozzles
Gaddis Engineered MaterialsGaddis Engineered MaterialsGaddis Engineered Materials
Custom Engineered Solutions for your Specific Applications

Applications Engineering - Gaddis can assist you in the selection of the best material for your application requirements. We can also offer helpful suggestions in the design phase that will reduce manufacturing costs substantially over the life of your project.


Custom Manufacturing - The majority of the products we manufacture are precision machined to the customer's drawing. Gaddis has the capability of holding tolerances to +/-0.0002" and surface finishes to 4 RMS on certain materials. We take on the challenges that many of today's manufacturers shy away from.
Customer Service - Remember the days when you walked into your local bank and they knew you by your first name? Or when you would go to your favorite restaurant and the waitress would know what you wanted when she arrived at your table? This is the kind of service our repeat customers have come to expect.

Because how we do things is as important as what we do!

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